Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

This is definitely a book written for middle-aged moms, but I absolutely loved it. I’ve read two of Moriarty’s other books and loved them both. Definitely a good summer read that will keep you entertained.

Big Little Lies focuses on the lives of three women, whose children are all in the same kindergarten class. Jane is a young single mother who is trying to navigate a new town and a new school for her son, Ziggy. On the first day, she meets Madeline, a older mother who is loud, welcoming, and maybe just a bit crazy. Madeline takes Jane under her wing, sensing that Jane has some past hurts that need to be brought out into the open. Madeline helps introduce Jane to all the mothers at Pirriwee Public School, including Celeste, a beautiful, quiet, and slighly off-beat mother of twins.

This novel bounces back in forth in perspective as we learn about Madeline’s troubles with her teenage daughter and ex-husband’s new family, about Celeste’s secret marital struggles, and about Jane’s emotional issues, which seem to revolve around the mystery of Ziggy’s father. Each chapter brings the reader one step closer to the fateful charity Trivia Night at the school, where someone tragically dies.

I usually am able to figure out the big twists and I swear this book kept me guessing until the end. I woke up my poor brother at 12:30am last night because I shrieked “OH MY GOD” when I got to the twist. It was so good. Really a good mystery. And, if you’re into the sorts of books that middle-aged women read at book clubs (which I so am), it’s definitely worth a read.


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