The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty by Amanda Filipacchi

This novel was intriguing, mysterious, fun to read, and just plain weird.

The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty centers on a group of friends, who call themselves the Knights of Creation, and follows their lives in New York City. In the group, we have Barb and Lily. Barb, a strikingly beautiful woman, chooses to make herself look ugly using her skills as a costume designer because she believes that will help her find love. Lily, on the other hand, is unfortunately ugly by traditional standards and tries anything she can to get the attention of the man she loves, but who doesn’t love her back. To add to this drama, the friends also discover there is a murderer in their mix and try to figure out who it is.

This book is not linear in the traditional sense and is filled with elements of magical realism/surrealism (I was always bad at telling the difference between those two). There are moments that come out of seemingly no where and make little to no sense. But it was sooo good. Very off-beat, but really fun to read because you never knew what would come next.

Worth a read if you like Woody Allen movies and the works of authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


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