Reunion by Hannah Pittard

Over the weekend I finished reading Reunion by Hannah Pittard. And I think I really liked it.

Reunion begins with the news that our main character’s estranged father has taken his own life. Boom. That’s the information given to you in the opening lines of the novel. Hannah Pittard does not ease you into this story, rather she throws you in and hopes you get lost in it, which I certainly did.

Kate Pulaski, our main character and narrator, is not in a great place in her life. She hasn’t produced a viable screenplay in years and her husband is demanding a divorce. When her brother and sister tell her that she’s to join them on a family trip back to Atlanta to pay respects to their father (who was not a great man), Kate is less than thrilled. In Atlanta, family secrets are exposed, including those that Kate has held dear.

While reading Reunion, I felt transported into the slightly-crazed mind of Kate as she dealt with personal and familial drama. I could imagine so clearly the scenes, the fights, and the emotions that Kate experiences back in her hometown. Hannah Pittard is an incredibly gifted writer with a talent for creating characters who the reader can connect with, even if he or she may not have a lot in common on the surface.

Worth a read.


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